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High Speed 4 Color Printing Die Cutting Machine


GYMS 1450×2900 High Speed Four Color Printing Die Cutting Machine





Wall panel width



Paper area



Effective printing



Minimum processing size



Printing plate thickness



Maximum speed



Economic speed



Main motor power






Color accuracy


Four-color ±0.5

Slotted die cutting accuracy






Standard plate thickness



Production power



Total power



Paper Feed Section (Light Pressure Leading Edge Feed)


1.Machine clutch

1).The electric control machine is equipped with an alarm bell, and the bell is continuously ringed during the journey to ensure the safety of the workers.

2). The drive shaft is equipped with a friction clutch to avoid accidental operation and damage the machine.

3). Pneumatic interlocking device.

4). The main motor adopts variable frequency motor, frequency conversion control, energy saving, stable start, and motor start protection device.

2.New light pressure leading edge roller feeding system(exclusive patented product)

1). Suction auxiliary paper feeding, inverter fan 11KW, according to different bending conditions of the paperboard, the air volume adjustment can be made to ensure smooth paper feeding.

2). The die-cutting section is equipped with a chain control switch to control the emergency stop feeding.

3). The paper is lifted and the paper is driven by the cylinder, which is quick and labor-saving.

4). The new light-pressing leading edge roller feeding system is adopted to reduce the friction of the paperboard walking and improve the pressure resistance of the paperboard.

5). Side baffle, rear baffle position PLC man-machine interface control Electric adjustment is convenient and quick, and the front baffle gap is manually synchronized.

6). Separate sheet feeding device (Continuous or separate sheet feeding can be selected as needed).

7). PLC man-machine interface controls the paper feed counter, setting and displaying the production quantity.

3.Dust removal device

The paper brush dust removal device can remove impurities from the printing surface of the paperboard in a large amount, improve the printing quality, and the vortex air pump absorbs the surface dust.

4.Paper feed roller

1).The upper roller 1 has an outer diameter of ¢155 mm.

2).Wrap the wear-resistant rubber and make a balance correction.

3).The lower roller 1¢156 mm embossed hard chrome plating and balance correction.

4).The paper feed roller gap dial is manually adjusted, and the adjustment range is 0~12 mm.

5).The upper stick is 2 ¢99 mm, the surface of the steel pipe is ground, hard chrome plated, and balance correction is made, and the platen rim is 145 mm.

6).The lower stick is 2¢156 mm, the surface of the steel pipe is ground, hard chrome plated, and balance correction is made.

5.Automatic zeroing device

1).The paper feeding section, the printing section, and the slotted section are electrically reset to zero.

2).Generally use the automatic zeroing device for the carton. You can adjust the two positions to the correct position to reduce the waste of cardboard.

Printing Department (4-color printing)


1.Printing roller(Plate roll)

1).The outer diameter is ¢465.6 mm (including the outer diameter of the plate is ¢480 mm).

2).The surface of the steel pipe is ground and hard chrome plated.

3).To do balance correction, smooth operation.

4).Ratchet fixed roll shaft.

5).Full version of the hanging slot for 10 mm × 3 mm hanging strips.

6).Loading and unloading printing plate, foot switch frequency conversion control can be high speed positive and negative.

2.Printing roller

1).The outer diameter is ¢156 mm.

2).The surface of the steel pipe is ground and hard chrome plated.

3).To do balance correction, smooth operation.

4).The printing roller gap dial is manually adjusted, and the adjustment range is 0~12 mm.

3.Feeding paper upper and lower rollers

1).Upper roll: Outer diameter 99 mm thick-walled steel pipe with three paper feed rings.

2).Lower roll: Outer diameter156 mm thick-walled steel pipe with surface grinding and hard chrome plating.

3).Feed roller gap dial manual adjustment, adjustment range 0~12 mm.

4.Steel anilox roll

1).The outer diameter is ¢213 mm.

2).The surface of the steel pipe is ground, pressed and textured, and hard chrome plated.

3).To do balance correction, smooth operation.

4).The number of meshes is 200, 220, 250.280 mesh.

5).Cooperate with the air pressure automatic lifting device of the paper feeding system. (The anilox roller is lowered in contact with the plate during paper feeding, and the anilox roller is lifted and separated from the plate when the paper feed is stopped).

6).The anilox roller is equipped with a wedge-type overrunning clutch, which is convenient and quick to disperse ink and wash ink.

5.Phase adjustment mechanism

1).Planetary gear construction.

2).Print phase PLC man-machine interface control electric adjustment 360 ° adjustment. (Operation and stop can be adjusted) PLC man-machine interface controls the electric adjustment horizontal position, and adjusts the distance to the left and right 7mm.

6.Ink circulation

1). Pneumatic diaphragm pump, stable ink supply, easy operation and maintenance.

2). Ink filter, filter impurities.

3). Plastic ink tank.

4). It is equipped with an ink-deficient alarm device.

7.Printed phase fixing device

1). Electromagnetic brake mechanism.

2). When the machine is separated or adjusted phase, the brake mechanism limits the rotation of the machine to keep the original gear position fixed.

Ⅲ Die Cutting Section (Optional Free Version)


1.Die roll (lower roll)

1).The outer diameter is 431.2 mm (without die).

2).The surface of the cast iron material is ground and hard chrome plated.

3).Balance correction to increase operational stability.

4).The die hole fixing screw hole spacing is 100 mm × 100 mm.

5).Applicable die height 25.4 mm.

6).Wood template thickness: 16 ~ 18 mm (for three-layer board) 13 ~ 15 mm (for five-layer board)

2.Pad roller (upper roller)

1).The outer diameter is ¢388.9 mm

2).The surface of the cast iron material is ground and hard chrome plated.

3).Balance correction to increase operational stability.

4).Manually adjust the gap with the die roll.

5).The thickness of the pad is 8 mm (outer diameter 404.9 mm) and width is 250 mm, a total of 11 pieces.

6).The mechanical horizontal 60 mm swimming device, the die-cut equalizer automatically compensates for the line speed, which makes the die-cutting pad wear evenly and prolongs the service life.

3.Phase adjustment mechanism

1).Planetary gear construction.

2).Die-cut phase PLC man-machine interface control electric adjustment 360 ° adjustment. (can be adjusted both for operation and stop).

3).Manually adjust the lateral position, adjust the distance a total of 14 mm.

4.Free version adjustment mechanism

The diecutting roller is equipped with four cutter rings, and the manual adjustment of the box height and the length and width dimensions is convenient and convenient. Significant savings in template costs.

Transmission Gear

1.Main drive gear

1).Material: high-quality alloy steel, carburized and quenched, grinding and processing.

2).Six-level precision, smooth operation, low noise, hardness 20crmntih alloy, long life, basically no wear within 10 years, can achieve long-term printing registration.

3).Free key connection: The whole machine drive shaft connection adopts keyless connection (expansion sleeve), which can make the shaft and gear complete seamless connection. There is no gap when using large torque, it is more convenient to install and maintain. It can make the long-term transmission high precision to ensure the printing registration.

2.Computer control department

1).The whole machine is equipped with well-known brands: color touch screen (human-machine interface).

2).The whole machine is reset to zero, preset position and automatic versioning function: printing, die-cut phase zeroing and preset, ensuring that all the ink is printed when the first sheet of paper is printed, the second sheet of paper is basically adjusted in place, and the error can be compensated during operation.

3).Memory reset function: This function can be used when the printing plate needs to be repaired or wiped. The repair or wipe is automatically reset without adjustment.

4).Order phase storage function: 999 order phase storage can be stored. After the stored order, the device automatically remembers the phase position of the printing plate. When the stored order is next enabled, after the hanging version is called, the storage order is called, and the device will automatically adjust to the correct position of the memory, which greatly saves the adjustment time of the change order.

5).Unique compartment pre-feeding function. Motor and important parts list Name Origin.

Ⅴ Motor Schedule



Place of origin


(1) Paper feeding department

Main motor

22kw inverter motor



1 set

Machine opening and closing

1.5kw reduction motor

Taiwan Taibang

1 set

Lower paper suction auxiliary fan

11kw fan

Domestic famous brand

1 set

Front bezel motor

0.18kw geared motor

Taiwan Taibang

2 sets

Upper suction motor

4kw fan

Domestic famous brand

1 set

(2) Printing department

Phase adjustment

0.37kw geared motor

Taiwan Taibang

4 sets

Rubber roller idling

0.55kw geared motor

Taiwan Taibang

4 sets

(3)Die cutting

Phase motor

0.37kw geared motor

Taiwan Taibang

1 set

Waste motor

0.37kw geared motor

Large speed reducer

1 set

Other Instructions


Place of origin


Metal anilox roll

Jiangsu Haili

4 roots

glue roll

Jizhou Spring Breeze

4 roots

AC contactor



Pneumatic diaphragm pump

Wuhan Yangtze River


Die cutting pad

Taiwan Super Resistance


Pneumatic electromagnetic reversing valve






Touch screen

Kunlun state


Frequency converter





Operation button



Proximity switch



Keyless connection ring

Chengyang Beyond


Slotting tool

Imported die cutter


Acceptance Criteria

1.The seller guarantees that the machine sold can be fully adapted to the post-forging process of A, B, C-shaped three-layer corrugated board A, B, C, E combined with five-layer corrugated board. The weight of kraft paper ranges from 125 g to 250 g and corrugated paper. The weight is overdue between 112 grams and 180 grams.

2.Test Conditions:

1).The quality of corrugated board is acceptable to the market, and the bending degree cannot exceed the bending coefficient of 0.015 mm. This coefficient refers to the difference in the bending height of the cardboard when the width of the cardboard is 600mm. The test paperboard can be based on this coefficient.

The ratio is converted by size, but the maximum bending cannot exceed 18mm. E.g:

Cardboard width












2). the printing plate should be of good quality and no stain, the plate is fixed.

3). Cardboard size range for testing: Any size within the specifications of the mechanical design.

Maximum length and width size 70% (machine speed)

Minimum length and width size 40% (machine speed)

4). Measurement of vehicle speed: The cardboard is rated according to the machine, the size is 600×1400, and the speed can reach 80% of the design speed. The above machine speed can guarantee the following accuracy. For printing, you must add a drag.

5). Printing quality: in the printable size range, the first color printing with the paperboard leading edge as the reference point, the registration accuracy range is ±0.5mm, the third color, the fourth color registration accuracy range is ±0.5mm, not available The phenomenon of uneven printing or printing is not uniform; there must be no dragging or ink staining in the non-printing part.

6).Die-cut registration: The slotting machine can even produce three-layer and five-layer corrugated paper with slotting. The registration accuracy range of the machine running direction is ±1mm.

3. In accordance with the above conditions, the machine shall be capable of continuous operation for a minimum of two hours at the specified maximum speed during the scheduled test period.


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