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 SF-C15 SF-C18   SF-C22   SF-C25 Multi-cassette Positive Pressure Single Facer


SF-C15 SF-C18 SF-C22 SF-C25 Multi-cassette Positive Pressure Single Facer



Design speed


Economic speed


Working width


Max working steam pressure:


Steam temperature

160—200 centigrade

Power requirements:

380V, 50Hz

Diameter of corrugated roller


Diameter of Press roller.


Diameter of preheater roller


Diameter of Glue roller


Diameter of doctor roller


Machine Introduction

1.Negative pressure type design.

2.The base and wallboard are cast iron structure, the thickness of wallboard is 200mm.

3.There is a steam spray device for medium paper.

4.Frequency conversion motor as main drive,independent gear box connect with three gimbal axis; Gear adopt oil bath lubricating ; Inverter to make stepless speed regulation.

5.The upper and lower corrugated roller is made of 48 CrMo alloy steel, with heat treatment.The surface is well treated by grind and tungsten carbide,the hardness is above HV1200.

6.Upper and lower corrugated roller are unit assemblage, the whole corrugated rollers group can be move and quick replacement in 15 minutes with the electric trolley loading.The entire group of corrugating with motor driveput into the machine,fixed to the machine base.

7.Bearing for corrugated rollers and pressure roller adopt high-temperature lubricating grease to keep running smoothly and durably.

8.Corrugated roller, pressure roller and glue roller is adjusted by pneumatic system with high stability.

9.Glue section are unit assemblage, whole section can be moved by track, save maintenance time;

10.The glue roller surface are treated by special mesh embossed and chrome plated.

11.Supplying glue automatically and circularly.

12.Glue volume control with electric adjustment;Gap between glue roller and doctor roller is adjusted by electric.and that will be read out by Digital ;Glue width can be controlled by electric.

13.The glue section can operate dependently or independentlywhen the motor stops,preventing the glue deposited.

14.Easy operation control system:touch screen,human-machine interface.Drawing with color display,function selection,fault indication, and parameter settings.



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