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Product Detail
SMN-S180 Automatic Up Stacking Machine
SMN-S180 Automatic Up Stacking Machine

【Technical Parameters】

  ◇ Design speed: 200m/min-250m/min

  ◇ Effective width:1400-2500mm

  ◇ Max. stacking height: 250mm

  ◇ Max. stacking length:3500mm

  ◇ Automatic change orders, counting and horizontal paperboard delivery.

  ◇ Synchronization with production management system, the waste is less than 700mm duo to change orders.

  ◇ Caterpillar type stacking platform and AC servo control movements make the stacking tide and smooth.

  ◇ AC servo system control the paperboard dam, then change orders smoothly, quickly.

  ◇ A fully automatic operation reduces costs and improves efficiency.

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