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DF-40,DF-60,DF-80  Double Facer

DF-40,DF-60,DF-80  Double Facer

Double Facer

【Technical Parameters】

1.Design speed :150-250m/min  width :1800-2500mm

2.Press bar system .

3.Interface PLC automatic control, it can change the amount and pressure of the heating plate. That will make sure the peak of different gram weight corrugated paper intact.

4.The surface of heating plate is ground and chrome plated .The width is 600mm. 16-22 pieces is optional based on different speed . The length of cooling part is 3.5-5 m .

5.The material of the heating plate is pressure vessel steel plate, it passed the national pressure vessel text and got the pressure vessel certificate.

6. Inside of the heating plate is partition structure and the steam flow as s-shaped. This mean the water and steam can separate obviously  to heat the plate evenly.

7.Steam pipe for heating plate are divided into few sections . The heating temperature for each section can be controlled independently and  displayed .

8. There is one set S-shape belt tension pneumatic adjusting device for upper cotton belt and one set cylinder adjusting device for lower cotton belt .

9.Upper and lower belt all can correct the location automatically and manually.

10.Drive roller with drum coated with wear-resistant rubber to ensure output paperboard smoothly.

11.The material of gear in independent gear box is steel ZG-500with oil immersed gear lubrication.

12. Frequency conversion motor as main drive low-speed high torque .

13.The material of main backbone is high intensity profiles GB ,its structure fastness suitable for high speed running .



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