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Product Detail
DF-40,DF-60,DF-80 Double Facer

DF-40,DF-60,DF-80 Double Facer


1.Machine Description:

*Corrugated paper enter into the double facer hot parts with heating and molding after pasted glue, and  become board after cooling

2.Machine Function:

*Hot Plates’ surfaces is ground and then chromed plated,width 600mm and 16 pcs,cooling parts 4m

*Hot plates adopts the press shouse structure,it lifting adopt pneumatic structure

*Heat conductive pipe of hot plates control the temperature segmented,with the temperature display

*The inside of the hot plate is partition isolation structure,making the steam flow in S-shaped direction, and the separation function of steam and water is obvious,then improves the steam usage efficiency

*Up convey belt left and right correct by auto with both sides,Under belt adopt S type manual correct tensioning device

*Up belt adopt double cylinder S type  tensioning device,down belt manual  tensioning devicesmall amount adjust

*Drive rollers’ surface is wrapped by rubber with middle height,to make sure the board output smoothly

*Main drive motor: Variable frequency motor, high force when low speed start, high speed adjusting range, steady to use,easy to mend

*The electrical components adopt international famous brands,  working stably and reliable



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